The Best Halloween Party Ever

Do you love parties, especially Halloween parties? Now let’s play-like…picture this…the room is dark, except for the few candle-lit lamps scattered here and there in your living room. You have invited people who love ghost stories, especially writers, but there are many other friends. Invite the children and let them know early about the art and the magic of story-telling.

The refreshment table is set. It, too, is candle/lamp-lit. Remember the brains you had to dip your hands into as a child at the school Halloween party? There’s plenty of that, spaghetti that’s slick, sloppy and soupy with tomato sauce, plus a bit of oil to make it slide around in their fingers–but the children don’t know it. They’ve been led to the table by the ones in charge of blinders for kids’ eyes. They’ll be told it is a platter of brains. And don’t forget the yucky eyeballs, slick peeled grapes just waiting for their touch. But there’s lots of good stuff. What’s a party without the good, grown up stuff, too?

After your guests have nibbled or gorged and waited for all to arrive, you sit in a circle in chairs set up for the occasion, children on pillows if you wish. Starting to sit, there will be witches and clowns, jugglers and dancers. There will be pirates and priests, Renaissance men and women, too, court jesters–and I’ll bet the Fairy Princess can tell a better ghost story than the Spider Man she’s sitting next to. Get into it! After all, this is Halloween, a time to be someone else, whomever you want to be. Feel the tingle. This is your night to step outside yourself. You can sense the excitement as you sit amongst these strangers in costume. Who will win the best costume prize, maybe that gift certificate from your favorite shop? And who will tell the best and scariest story and win the BIG prize?

Make this party your signature! Everyone, and I mean everyone, will look forward to next year’s Halloween party at your house, or a “back by demand” gathering any time of the year. They’ll be waiting to be scared out of their wits by stories of death and corpses and water-logged graves that float them back up. If they are not writers now, they will be by next party time!

It’s all about stories–the “I wishes” and the “if only’s” and “what ifs” of our lives, unveiled for all to see on this magic night of the full moon. Make it your own.

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