Monologue Lovers’ Dark Secrets

Edgar Allen Poe was no dummy. He knew what we like and that is to be shocked out of our skins. Don’t be afraid. Cross that line. Writers who won’t go outside the box run the risk of being unfulfilled. Actors who don’t like to step outside the box for fear of offending, can be unfulfilled actors. And there aren’t many of those around. Most actors love the absurd, the forbidden. And theatre’s “black comedy”– for some, the ultimate funny monologues, go to forbidden places.

Be the sought after actor you want to be with the funny monologue that’s right for you. Male or female, you want the attention you will get when you have found your vehicle for success in auditions. And if it’s attention you want–be different. Dare to shock and surprise. Whether suspenseful and spell binding, or just plain old ridiculously funny, your choice of a monologue will get you where you want to be. Talked about. Chosen for that part you want so badly.

As a writer, I always make my people before I write their stories. I find the story when I find the character. My closet is filled with files of my play-like people, but the ones who are the most interesting, who have the best stories to tell, who make the best funny monologues, are the ones who are shocking, the ones who dare to cross the line. We can’t do that in real life, now can we? So we like to hear from the ones who can. Like Jose, my illegal alien cook from California. His mother was the most beautiful, though very poor lady in all of Mexico. Smart, too. It was she who covered him with piƱatas piled high in the back end of her pick-up truck–all the way to the border. Or Dixie. She did not like the men her mother chose after her father left them and went to the mountains. When they called her “girlie”, she got all tingly and did bad things…or Leon. She’s a girl they stole, but they call her Leon anyway after their boy-child that died. Now she’s a part of their grave-robbing family.

There was a day when we shouldn’t laugh about anything that upset, worried or shocked us…things like death and corpses and eyeballs of the dead and “bones needed” for sale. But that day is gone. It’s called “comic relief” and a black comedy monologue is a funny monologue when you don’t simply walk up to the line. You have to go over it. Be funny and daring with the absurd. For the black comedy lovers, shock ’em! They will love it and you will have such fun doing it. You’ve heard the expression, JUST DO IT.

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