A One Minute Monologue

by Dee Cliburn


(With heavy accent)

HALLO!  My name is Jose , the best and the smartest wetback in all of California.  My mother’s brother, Uncle Romeo, brought me here in his new pickup truck, special made.  He hid me in the bottom of it, all covered up with piñatas.  We went all the way to Los Angeles to our cousin’s house, the one who works for the hairdresser who will hire me and make me rich.


My mother’s name is Dolores, the best whore in all of Mexico.  This because she will talk and talk to the gentlemen and allow only a little touching on the feet and legs, never any toe sucking. All I know I learned from my beautiful mother.  So whatever I need to do, I do it.  If I cannot go over the mountain, I go under it or around it.  You will see.  Someday I will be the richest hairdresser in all of Mexico.  I will have a sidewalk restaurant on a street called Boogie Street with outdoor tables and chairs under a thousand stars. My transvestite lover, Formosa, will mingle there and show off his new dresses.  We will be so happy!



Copyright© 2009-2016 Dee Cliburn

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